Why We Give

Don MozleyDon Mozley's Voice Carries On
Don Mozley was a SAE International member for 39 years and a famed CBS newsman – starting out at just 21 years old reporting on early World War II events and the atomic bomb tests at Bikini in the Marshall Islands. He covered presidential campaigns in the 1950's through 1960. Read More

Robert CattersonFormer Board Member's Gift Provides for Education of Aspiring Engineers
Throughout his life, Robert Catterson was dedicated to the advancement of education for young engineers. He was a longtime member of the SAE Student Activities Committee as well as the organizer of the first SAE Mini-Baja student design competition in 1978. Read More

Ken WolfgramThe Lasting Legacy of Ken Wolfgram
Ken, a typical college student, focused and excelled in those subjects that he enjoyed most, like math and technology. Ken moved to Caterpillar in 1973 and starting participating in the Fox Valley Div., Chicago Section of SAE and immediately got interested in, and committed to, what SAE was doing. Read More

The SiegelsThe Siegels Share a Passion for Education
"Take a little, leave a little and we'll all have some." This was the hand-blocked request carved into the pantry door of a cabin Arne and Steffi Siegel stumbled upon out hiking one day as a young couple. That brief message struck a chord with Arne and Steffi and became the cornerstone of their personal approach towards philanthropy. Read More